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1st to 4 th December


Sreda, 30.11.2022.   -  19.30 časova  Velika većnica Gradske kuće


Nastupaju najmlađi pijanisti Mš Subotice


Subota, 03. 12. 2022.   Koncertna sala Muzičke škole (Štrosmajerova 3, Subotica)

13.00   IX, X KATEGORIJA (akustička proba za VIII, IX, X kat.: 12.00 – 13.00)


15.00   VII KATEGORIJA (akustička proba za VII kategoriju: 14.15-15.00)

17.00   VI KATEGORIJA (akustička proba za VI kategoriju: 16.30 – 17.00)


Nedelja, 04.12.2022.   Koncertna sala Muzičke škole (Štrosmajerova 3, Subotica)

9.30      IV KATEGORIJA (ak.proba za IV kategoriju 9.00-9.30)

10.45    V KATEGORIJA (ak. proba za V kategoriju : 10.15-10.45)

12.00    BABY KATEGORIJA  (ak. proba za BABY kategoriju : 11.25-12.00)

13.15    III KATEGORIJA  (ak. proba III kategoriju : 12.30-13.15)

15.15    I KATEGORIJA  (ak. proba za I kategoriju : 14.45 – 15.15)

17.00    II KATEGORIJA  (ak. proba za II kategoriju : 16.30-17.00 )


Nedelja,  04.12.2022. -   19.30 časova Velika većnica Gradske kuće


najbolje plasiranih mladih pijanista festivala

The competition is open for all musicians regardless of gender or ethnicity. The competition is a public musical-pedagogical manifestation in which can participate both full-time or part-time students of elementary or high music schools.


The mission of the festival ’Pianissimo’ is the encouragement of performing young pianists, furthermore providing a space and opportunity for cultural, educational and professional exchange for both students and professors. The festival consists of competition, master-class and a concert, to allow all participants to take part in this exchange of experiences.


The core-event of the festival, the ’Pianissimo’ Piano Competition 2022 will take place in the premises of the Music School Subotica from the 1st to 4th of December 2022.

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